Acolyte Ministry: To encourage our youth, young adults, and adults to take an active role in the Sunday Morning Worship Service by training them to light, tend and extinguish the altar flame, which is symbolic of the presence of God in our midst. You must be at least eight years of age to participate.

Active Adult Ministry: We seek to provide a comprehensive ministry that reaches Senior Adults in St. Catherine by enhancing their lives and encouraging them to grow in the Lord.

Audio/Visual Ministry: To enhance the worship experience through amplification of the music and the preached word, to record and make available audiotapes & CDs, and DVDs for all services.  Our priority is to produce quality virtual services, workshops, and seminars using FACEBOOK, ZOOM, and our website.

Caring and Sharing Ministry: To promote healthy, nutritional meals to transient individuals and Senior Citizens of the community every 2nd and 4th Sunday. We offer clothing and toiletries to those in need. 

Catechism Ministry (New Members Class):   To provide orientation for new members. Areas studied include history, polity, and doctrines for the A.M.E. Zion Church. New members are also acquainted with the vision and operation of the ministry of St. Catherine.

THE CLASS LEADER MINISTRY:   The class leaders coordinate all the activities of his/her class.  It is the class leaders' responsibility to see that every person in his or her class is being ministered to.  Each class leader should encourage their members to check on one another, mostly if they were absent from service.  The class leader is to encourage attendance at all worship services, Bible Study, and District events. The class leader should also promote financial support for the Church.  

Counseling Ministry: To provide spiritual counseling to members who are experiencing personal crises and change.

Culinary Ministry: To coordinate all meal functions and manage the upkeep of the kitchen of St. Catherine.

Economic Development Ministry: This is designed to encourage, promote, and enhance economic prosperity through entrepreneurial and private business development.

Evangelism Ministry: To promote the spirit and mission of the ministry of our Lord and to employ the most effective means to accomplish the chief end of the gospel - the salvation of souls; and that the Church may more vigorously apply the moral and spiritual agencies by which men are saved from sin and trained for heaven.

Flower Ministry: To beautify the sanctuary and other areas inside the Church with plants and seasonal flowers.

Greeters/Announcers/Host/Hostesses Ministry:  To welcome members and register visitors into the Church on Sunday mornings and before all special services, to serve as decorum ambassadors for special events held at St. Catherine.

Grief Ministry: To provide a group where a person may express, experience, and overcome the loss of a loved one and help work through the stages of grief.

Health Resource Ministry: To provide ongoing resources and information on health, safety, and other related issues and provide site medical care when needed.

Historical Society: Our purpose is to collect information and articles for historical purposes that involve St. Catherine's life and mission.   

Intercessory Prayer Ministry: To seek God through prayer on behalf of the Church, Pastor, members, and concerns of St. Catherine, our community, and our nation.

Lay Council: To organize the laity of the A.M.E. Zion Church, to deepen the spiritual life of the laity, to disseminate information, to cultivate the denominational loyalty, to expand the denomination through education and evangelism.  We promote and offer seminars and workshops to enhance economic prosperity through entrepreneurial and private business development. We will work to promote social awareness by providing information and advice for matters facing our community; encourage voter education and registration to the members of St. Catherine and the community at large.

Liturgical Dance Ministry:  To minister before the Lord and to the congregation through praise, dancing, and worship.  Saint Catherine is fortunate to have two dance teams: Young Adults and Youth.  On several occasions, they perform together

Marriage Ministry: To promote married couples' spiritual growth and development through Christian fellowship and educational activities.

Men's Ministry: To provide spiritual growth, nurturing and develop an atmosphere of Christ-like brotherhood and unity among the men of St. Catherine and the community. The ministry seeks through fellowship, study, workshops, and prayer to encourage and empower the men of St. Catherine in their walk and spiritual development as strong Christian Men.

Men's Chorus:  To provide men with an opportunity to lead and inspire the congregation in worship services through the rendering of diverse forms of sacred music.

Military Ministry: To assist the families and loved ones in the military and honor the veterans and the active-duty members of our Church.

Nursery/Children's Church Ministry: Because of COVID-19 as a church, we will have to revisit the ministry's guidelines to ensure that we provide a safe environment for our children. 

Parking and Security Ministry: To provide for the security of the Church during special events and other church functions in addition to caring for parking needs.

Pastor's Aide: To provide added support and comfort to the pastor and family.

Public Relations Ministry: To serve as a liaison between the Church and the community to keep the Church informed of events and opportunities in the city and keep the community informed of events and opportunities presented by the Church.

Prayer Counselor Ministry: To serve as spiritual support and means to contact for all new members.

Sanctuary Choir: To lead and inspire the congregation in worship services by rendering diverse forms of sacred music, bringing glory to God, and winning souls for His kingdom. Also, the choir provides musical enrichment to all functions and events in the life of the Church, as requested.

Singles Ministry: To provide spiritual support and Christian community for divorced, widowed, never married, single-parent men and women of St. Catherine.

Transportation Ministry: To provide transportation to and from worship and other functions of St. Catherine and to respond to the transportation needs of the membership of St. Catherine.

Usher Ministry: To greet members and visitors, to monitor the needs of the congregation, to facilitate order and decorum, and to offer assistance throughout the worship experience.

Youth Choir: To allow our youth to participate in the worship service through song, nurturing spiritually while learning about the good news.

Youth Ushers: To greet members and visitors, to monitor the needs of the congregation, and to offer assistance throughout the worship experience.

Young Adults in Christian Ministry: To unite men and women, ages 22 - 40, of the A.M.E. Zion Church to use their time and talent for mission service in the Church and the community.

Male Ushers in Ministry: We seek to bring young males and adult males together to promote brotherhood and male presence in God's house. To greet members and visitors, monitor the congregation's needs, facilitate order and decorum, and offer assistance throughout the worship experience.

The Voices of Praise Choir: To allow our young adult and those who feel young at heart an opportunity to lead and inspire the congregation in worship services by rendering diverse forms of sacred music.